The Notorious Bettie Page nude scene — Gretchen Mol naked

The biopic of the 50s most famous pin-up model and glamour girl of her day was bound to feature some nudity and this movie doesn’t disappoint.

Thankfully the producers chose somebody probably even hotter than the Bettie herself in the title role in the shape of Gretchen and she sure looks fine as she recreates many of Bettie’s famous poses and photo shoots. She gets her cute perky breasts out and even flashes her pussy, just like Bettie did to provoke such a storm all those years ago.

Gretchen is a natural blonde so she had to dye her hair and her bush dark to match Bettie’s coloring. It was well worth it — Gretchen’s a knockout as a blonde or a brunette.

Gretchen Mol naked in The Notorious Bettie Page