The Hidden Face nude scene — Martina García naked

Slim Colombian beauty Martina has been naked in many of her movie roles so far in her short but promising career. The best look at this sexy brunette’s waif-like body came in this thriller though.

She has a couple of sex scenes, but for a clear, well-lit look at her fully nude this bath scene is the winner. There’s a terrific overhead shot of her shaved pussy through the clear water as she relaxes in the hot water and the camera pans in to her small, tiny tits as well.

She is dozing off (shouldn’t do that in the tub silly girl!) when she’s woken with a start as there are tiny ripples in the water around her. She looks puzzled as there are no drips from the faucet and she’s perfectly still, and she jumps out of the bath in a fright, convinced the house is haunted, which gives us another good view of her wet body as she wraps a towel around her.

Martina Garcia naked in The Hidden Face