The Devil’s Advocate sex scene — Charlize Theron naked

The movie that put future Oscar winner Charlize on the map features her fully nude flashing her bush and butt in a church, although unfortunately she has lots of cuts on her body after a bout of self harming.

So for a sexier look at the South African babe’s hot body, there’s this earlier sex scene with hubby Keanu Reeves. As they go at it on the bedroom floor, Keanu whips off his wife’s top to reveal her firm, pert tits which he quickly gets hold of, licking and groping her nipples before pulling off her pants.

As he starts to fuck her she arches her back in ecstasy and he carries on fondling her boobs, but then to his shock she suddenly turns into Connie Neilsen. Quick as a flash it’s Charlize again, but the spooked Keanu has to stop fucking her, withdrawing his dick and leaving Charlize confused and upset. As if anybody would stop fucking as beautiful as her!

Charlize Theron naked in The Devils Advocate