Boogie Nights sex scene — Heather Graham naked

The movie that really launched Heather’s career was the cult 90s comedy-drama Boogie Nights.

Heather played porn star Roller Girl and was naked in quite a lot of the movie as you might expect. Her best scene came when porn director Burt Reynolds paired her up with Dirk Diggler (Mark Wahlberg) to see if the young stud with the massive dick had what it takes to fuck a gorgeous young pornstar.

Heather happily strips off in preparation to get fucked and we see nice close ups of her big breasts and hairy pussy before Marky Mark plunges his dick inside her and pumps away happily. Lucky bastard.

Heather Graham naked in Boogie Nights

‘Killing Me Softly’ sex scene – Heather Graham naked

Heather allows dominant Joseph Fiennes to undress her, wrap a silk scarf around her neck and tie the other end to a hook above the fireplace. Then she sits on his dick and they fuck, while Fiennes pulls the scarf to tighten the pressure around her neck as they attempt some auto-erotic asphyxiation. Thankfully for Heather’s health the scarf eventually comes loose and Fiennes bangs her hard against a wall to finish up.

Heather Graham naked in Killing me Softly