Sex & Fury lesbian scene — Christina Lindberg naked

Sexy Swedish babe Christina made a host of gratuitous erotic dramas in the 70s that contained little plot and plenty of nudity from the petite beauty.

In this scene from Sex and Fury (1973) she has lesbian sex with a hot Japanese lady while a pervy old man watches them. First the Asian chick takes off her kimono and climbs on top of naked Christina, who is lying back on the bed baring her hairy bush and big breasts, which the Asian babe gropes and sucks while Christina moans in ecstasy.

Then there is plenty of girl on girl kissing before Christina rolls on top of her lady lover and grinds their pussies together, before the old guy decides he can contain himself no longer and the lesbian couple becomes a threesome. What a lucky schmuck!

Christina Lindberg naked in Sex and Fury