Suspicious River rape scene — Molly Parker naked

Poor Molly has been drugged by some nasty scumbags and carried back to a hotel room in this disturbing scene which nevertheless offers a great look at her naked body.

She is stripped completely nude and placed on her back on the bed. Thereafter the guys take it in turn to gang rape her, rubbing her breasts and spreading her legs as they fuck her motionless body in turn before leaving her to wake up later all alone and wonder what the hell happened last night.

There are great looks at her pussy and small, pale breasts throughout her assault.

Molly Parker naked in Suspicious River

The Night Stalker nude scene — Tally Chanel naked

Israel’s hottest ever export (apart from maybe Natalie Portman) steals the show of this terrible 80s slasher flick when she unveils her big breasts for the camera.

Having been captured by a perverted serial killer and tied naked to his bed, Tally’s pussy and breasts are exposed as she lies drugged, unconscious and at the mercy of her captor. Luckily a cop has tracked down the killer and silently enters the room, but unluckily he is overpowered by the killer and thrown out of a window to his death.

A similar fate will later befall the beautiful Tally, so enjoy the sight of her tits and bush in this scene.

Tally Chanel naked in Night Stalker


Lavie en miettes nude scene — Marie Denarnaud naked

Alluring beauty Marie has to undress for quite a few scene in this French thriller, but the best look at her body comes in this scene.

After running a bath for herself and throwing in some salts she gets in and relaxes as the director shows us her breasts bobbing above the milky water. Her gal pal comes in to talk to her and they share a glass of wine, but then disaster strikes later when she’s alone as an unknown man enters the bathroom and throws a hairdryer into the water, killing poor Marie. There’s still a nice shot of her boobs as she lays dead though if that’s your thing.

Marie Denarnaud naked in Lavie en miettes

Women In Love sex scene — Rosamund Pike naked

DH Lawrence’s classic novel gets a steamy adaptation with Rosamund and Rachael Stirling playing the women who are indeed in love.

Before all their lesbian scenes though comes their efforts at heterosexual relationships, which gives us our best look at Rosamunde’s sexy body. She strips off her nightgown to have sex with a man which she doesn’t enjoy very much, but you will because it’s a decent peek at her breasts as she’s about to get into bed.

Later on she reveals more flesh — as does Rachael — but this is the clearest look at her tits and ass.

Rosamund Pike naked in Women In Love

Burning Man sex scene — Rachel Griffiths naked

Australian brunette Rachel has stripped off numerous times in her long career but her most recent sex scene has been her best.

Despite being 43 years old at the time of filming, Rachel still has a fine body and her big bouncing breasts as she energetically rides her man are a sight to behold. They look firm and pert and makes me wonder if she didn’t have some kind of a breast lift or augmentation as they look much better than they did when she was 28 in Jude where they were rather saggy.

Either way, she is a hot MILF and this is a great look at her having sex topless.

Rachel Griffiths naked in Burning Man

Strangers lesbian scene — Cherie Lunghi naked

English actress Cherie has been nude in quite a few roles, but it’s one of her last onscreen exposures that gave us the best look at her slim, athletic body.

Strangers was a French-Canadian TV series from the 90s and featured a whole lotta nudity from some very hot actresses. Cherie shared a sizzling lesbian sex scene with Veronika Logan which saw both women completely naked, showing bush, breasts and butt as they have fun with each other in bed.

Cherie Lunghi naked in Strangers