Les 1001 Nuits nude scene — Catherine Zeta-Jones naked

This is a movie that Catherine will want to forget now she’s a mega Hollywood star as it’s ridiculously silly. But unluckily for her she gets naked in it quite a lot, so it’s gonna get dug up every now and then.

The best look at Catherine’s hot 21 year old body comes when she jumps out of a plane carrying a magic lamp containing a genie. Yes, you read that right. As she nears the ground the force of the wind tears her clothes off so when her parachute opens she’s dangling completely nude and finally falls into the lap of a very surprised (and very grateful) old man!

There are nice views of her sexy ass when she lands and good peeks at those small, nubile breasts as she floats towards the ground.

Catherine Zeta-Jones naked in Les 1001 Nuits