Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers sex scene — Michelle Bauer naked

Former Playboy Playmate Michelle stars in this comedy horror as a prostitute who gets her kicks from murdering her clients with a chainsaw.

In this scene she performs a sexy striptease for a punter who’s lying on a bed watching the show. First Michelle strips off her top to reveal her large breasts which she squeezes and licks so the guy can get even hornier. Then she takes off her skirt and thong so we can see her pussy.

After twirling around so the camera can fixate on her perfect round butt, she instructs the guy to close his eyes while she retrieves something from a cupboard. He does as he’s told, eagerly expecting a sexy nurse’s uniform or something, but when Michelle says “Open your eyes!” he’s greeted by the sight of a chainsaw inches from his dick. Ouch!

Michelle Bauer naked in Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers