Dirty Love sex scene — Jenny McCarthy naked

This comedy is blessed with the inclusion of Jenny McCarthy playing a diva who has a meltdown on the red carpet in this funny scene.

When she arrives at a premiere and is ready to pose for the waiting paparazzi, somebody barfs all over her, causing her to scream in frustration and disgust. Then she loses it, launching into a screaming hissy fit, shrieking about how unfair life is blah blah blah. To make matters worse, her left breast falls out of her dress while she’s going loco and the cameras start flashing away as she has a Tara Reid moment, unaware her boob is hanging out.

When she is finally told, she grabs her tit and gasps in shock. But by then it is too late of course, and she thinks “fuck it” and whips both of her jugs out, jiggling them about sarcastically towards the photographers before storming off in a huff.

Jenny McCarthy naked in Dirty Love