Mrs. Henderson Presents nude scene — Natalia Tena naked

Despite her exotic sounding name, Natalia was born in London, England and made her nude debut aged 21 in the British comedy Mrs Henderson Presents.

It’s about a nude musical show set in the Second World War and features what was quite scandalous nudity for those days as the females in the cast took off all their clothes for their live audience. Natalia gets her big breasts out a few times, both backstage as she changes into her outfit, and again on stage for the rousing finale. You’ll be roused once you catch sight of those heavy tits!

Natalia Tena naked in Mrs Henderson Presents

O Ceu de Suely sex scene — Hermila Guedes naked

This scene is over two minutes long and is basically a fantastic look at the incredibly hot body of young Brazilian actress Hermila. She starts by peeling off her top unveiling her big natural breasts and then strips off her pants, climbing on top of her smiling boyfriend completely naked. As she straddles him we see her ass and pussy. He fondles and gropes her as she undresses him before hopping off to give him a sexy lapdance. Again, the director focuses on her fine figure and then when she finally mounts him and they begin to fuck, her large tits are prominent as she grinds onto his cock. What a lucky guy!

Hermila Guedes naked in O Ceu de Suely

‘Breast Men’ sex scene – Lisa Falcone naked

David Schwimmer plays a geeky plastic surgeon who first pioneered boob job in the 70s in this fun drama. In this scene he is enjoying a lap dance from sexy Lisa Falcone, who writhes around on his lap topless whilst rubbing her tits.

Lisa Falcone naked in Breast Men

‘Showgirls’ sex scene – Elizabeth Berkley naked

Despite being one of the most criticized movies of all time, Showgirls is worth watching because of the hot babes you will see naked. And they don’t come much hotter than Elizabeth Berkley. In this scene she is pole dancing at a sleazy strip joint, taking of all her clothes so we can see her firm breasts, shaved pussy and pert butt.

Elizabeth Berkley naked in Showgirls

‘Powder Blue’ sex scene – Jessica Biel naked

Tight-body Jessica Biel delighted all red-blooded movie fans when she agreed to play a stripper in this film. She gets nude on may occasions, the best being this scene where she drips candle wax onto her bare breasts and body as part of her stage show. Check out her awesome figure, great tits and long, luscious legs in this erotic clip.

Jessica Biel naked in Powder Blue

‘Striptease’ sex scene – Demi Moore naked

Sex symbol Demi Moore showed off her plastic tits in her role as a mom who has to take up stripping to make ends meet. This scene sees her do a hot dance on stage before whipping off her bra, at which point the cameraman zooms in for a close up of her breasts to delight the theater audience.

Demi Moore naked in Striptease