Trick sex scene — Lorri Bagley naked

Busty babe Lorri is lying nude under the covers when her boyfriend’s pal comes in. As the three of them are talking Lorri sits up and the sheet slips down, exposing her massive breasts.

Her boyfriend immediately tells her to cover up while the pal stares admiringly at her fine rack, but she refuses, saying how in France nobody cares about women going topless and she likes it.

Eventually after a blazing row she gets up, pulls on some pants and leaves their apartment topless, just to prove a point, walking out into the hallway and then onto the street with her big boobs on show. What a gal!

Lorri Bagley naked in Trick

The Tudors sex scene — Natalie Dormer naked

Sexy blonde Brit Natalie stole the show when she appeared in the hit regal series The Tudors.

She played a scheming, manipulative minx who seduces the king (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) in the woods, hence this long sex scene which sees him ripping off her clothes, exposing her pert breasts, and sucking and fondling them as he fucks her. Except she shows she’s the one with the power as she refuses to let him come because he’s a married man, and he shows his (sexual) frustration by beating the ground with his fist as he rolls off her. What a bummer for the guy, I’d want to fill her right up.

Natalie Dormer naked in The Tudors

Manuela sex scene — Laura Chiatti naked

Hot Italian blonde Laura may not be a household name outside of Europe, but if the sexy actress carries on doing such hot sex scenes she soon will be.

Here she kisses her guy passionately in public late at night before he pushes her back onto the hood of their car, pulls down her panties and starts to fuck her. She is loving it, sucking his finger as he pumps away, and the director zooms in for a close-up as he pulls her breast out of her dress and gropes it. This long scene eventually fades to black as she comes breathlessly.

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The Farewell nude scene — Jeanette Hain naked

Slim German babe Jeanette emerges from a skinny dip in the lake totally naked. As her skinny frame rises out of the water the director makes no bones about zooming in for a close up of her small tits and hairy pussy. Those Europeans are so relaxed about full frontal nudity, I love ‘em!

By the time she finds her towel and wraps it around her sexy shoulders, we’ve already been treated to great views of her very erect nipples (that lake must’ve been freezing).

Jeanette Hain naked in The Farewell

‘Zane’s Sex Chronicles’ sex scene – Gizele Mendez naked

Tall, slim beauty Gizele lets her lover tear off her clothes and eat her pussy in a restroom as they have sex in a public place. The fact anybody could walk in doesn’t deter them and soon her small tits are on show as she loses her top before being fucked hard on the counter. Quite an erotic scene this one.

Gizele Mendez in Zane's Sex Chronicles

‘Private Moments’ sex scene – Judith Shekoni naked

Judith and her lover find themselves the only passengers on a subway train late at night, so decide to take advantage of their privacy and have sex. Judith shows her big black boobs as they’re freed from her bra and groped by loverboy as they dare to fuck in a public place. Naughty!

Judith Shekoni naked in Private Moments