Dirty Love sex scene — Jenny McCarthy naked

This comedy is blessed with the inclusion of Jenny McCarthy playing a diva who has a meltdown on the red carpet in this funny scene.

When she arrives at a premiere and is ready to pose for the waiting paparazzi, somebody barfs all over her, causing her to scream in frustration and disgust. Then she loses it, launching into a screaming hissy fit, shrieking about how unfair life is blah blah blah. To make matters worse, her left breast falls out of her dress while she’s going loco and the cameras start flashing away as she has a Tara Reid moment, unaware her boob is hanging out.

When she is finally told, she grabs her tit and gasps in shock. But by then it is too late of course, and she thinks “fuck it” and whips both of her jugs out, jiggling them about sarcastically towards the photographers before storming off in a huff.

Jenny McCarthy naked in Dirty Love

‘The Hollywood Knights’ sex scene – Michele Drake naked

Sexy young cheerleader Michele is shaking her pom-poms and dancing away on the basketball court to support her high school team when an old man in the front row notices something as her skirt flies up every time she jumps — Michele has forgotten to put on her panties. Oops! So the old coot gets a nice look at her firm butt cheeks and even a glimpse of bush as her pussy comes into view on a few occasions. Sometimes having front row seats is worth the extra money.

Michele Drake naked in Hollywood Knights

‘No Strings Attached’ oops scene – Natalie Portman naked

Natalie’s tiny tits are so small that if her dress is even slightly too big up top a nipple slip is a real possibility. This is what happened in this scene as, dressed to impress at a christmas party, her nip is visible when her dress falls away from her chest just slightly. Should’ve worn a bra Natalie.

Natalie Portman naked in No Strings Attached

‘Gangs of New York’ oops scene – Cameron Diaz naked

As sassy Cameron is fighting off a baddie, her top loosens up just enough for us to get a nice downblouse look at her right breast, nipple an’ all. She wasn’t supposed to do any nudity in this movie so this down blouse moment is a bonus.

Cameron Diaz naked in Gangs of New York

‘The Tuxedo’ oops scene – Jennifer Love Hewitt naked

Jennifer has been very careful not to do any nude scenes in her career, so this accidental nudity is even more pleasurable as it is her only onscreen nudity. Having jumped into a swimming pool in just her bra, Jen’s massive breasts are dislodged slightly by the water and her right nipple pops into view. You’ll have to use the pause button, but it’s a definite nipple slip.

Jennifer Love Hewitt naked in Tuxedo