‘The Beast Within’ sex scene — Katherine Moffat naked

Poor Katherine is lying unconscious in the woods at night having been knocked to the ground by the hideous beast of the title. A cross between Yoda and King Kong, it rips off her dress and bra with one fell swipe of its claw, revealing Kathy’s jiggly breasts before tearing off her panties so that her hairy pussy is exposed. Then the evil creature leaps on top of her, waking her as he penetrates her helpless body with his monster dick causing her to scream. This alerts nearby searchers who are looking for Katherine but by the time they arrive on the scene Katherine has been raped by the monster and is a motionless, nude corpse.

Katherine Moffat naked in The Beast Within

‘Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV’ sex scene — Heidi Sjursen naked

A hideous looking monster bursts into Heidi’s room where she is sitting on a sofa in the best scene from this silly comedy horror sequel to the Toxic Avenger series. He grabs her, throws her onto the bed and rips her top off revealing a lovely pair of large, bouncy breasts. Not bothering with the etiquette of foreplay, he then ravages Heidi, thrusting away at her pussy with his monster cock until she screams in pleasure. As they both come, he spews forth some green goo from his mouth and she squeals in delight. Kinky.

Heidi Sjursen naked in Citizen Toxie

‘The Halfway House’ sex scene — Ashley Fires naked

A pretty blonde teen is tied up in a dungeon, strapped to a slab on her back at the mercy of a hooded man. He rips off her top, exposing her firm, nubile breasts and then yanks down her shorts showing her cameltoe as her pussy strains against the thin material of her panties. The baddie has a good grope of her tits and runs his hand down her smooth body, caressing her stomach and thighs. Then he turns a lever and unleashes a ferocious monster, all teeth and snarls, which makes it way menacingly towards helpless Ashley where it proceeds to have its evil way with her as she screams…

Ashley Fires naked in The Halfway House

‘The Beast’ sex scene – Sirpa Lane naked

This cult 70s hardcore sex movie stars a cross between King Kong and a werewolf who has a big dick and a liking for nubile girls. In this scene he chases a semi-nude Sirpa through the woods and when she climbs a tree to escaped him, she falls and hangs onto a branch. Her pussy and ass are naked having lost her skirt previously and the beast proceeds to eat her out, his monster dick getting hard, before she falls and he leaps upon her to fuck her properly. Silly, but strangely erotic.

Sirpa Lane in The Beast

‘Humanoids of the Deep’ sex scene – Lisa Glaser naked

After screwing her boyfriend, Lisa is chased nude from their tent on the beach by a monster who looks like a cross between Alien and Predator. The monster, having killed her lover, then rapes poor Lisa in a graphic sex scene between woman and humanoid.

Lisa Glaser naked in Humanoids of the Deep

‘Basket Case’ sex scene – Terri Smith naked

A strange green monster who lives in a wicker basket has a liking for hot women. So in this scene he breaks into Terri Susan Smith’s apartment and finds her sleeping nude. He pulls the covers off her revealing her huge natural breasts which he promptly fondles and gropes, before literally fucking her to death while she sleeps.

Terri Smith naked in Basket Case