A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas nude scene — Cassie Keller naked

Stunning model turned actress Cassie has a small part in this comedy as one of two topless angels who accompany Jesus around a nightclub. Yes, really.

They are introduced to Neil Patrick Harris (playing himself) who takes a shine to them and whisks them to a sofa while Jesus is looking the other way. There, Cassie puts her hands down Neil’s pants and gives him a handjob right there in the club — what a lucky bastard! Cassie’s pretty blonde looks and big breasts truly are a sight to behold as she pleasures him.

Cassie Keller naked in Harold and Kumar

Lie with Me masturbation scene — Lauren Lee Smith naked

The opening scene of this explicit Canadian drama is Lauren masturbating on a couch — now that’s a good way of grabbing your audience’s attention!

Lying on her back topless watching a porno on TV, her small breasts are on show for the entire time with close, clear peeks at them. One hand holds the remote while the other hand is down her denim shorts, slowly and erotically rubbing her clit as she brings herself to orgasm. After cumming, she gets up and covers her bare boobs with a shirt — boo!

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‘Crash’ sex scene — see Ellen Woglom naked

This love scene comes from the TV series Crash (not to be confused with the David Lynch movie or the more recent one starring Sandra Bullock and Thandie Newton). Ellen and her man are indulging in some foreplay in bed when she asks him to fuck her, but he won’t for some reason and instead gets up and stands at the foot of the bed masturbating. She does the same, lying on her back and playing with her clit and pussy while they stare at each other, enjoying their mutual masturbation until they both come.

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‘Fancy Lady’ sex scene — Uschi Digard naked

All women love their shoes, but busty Swedish legend Uschi loves hers a little too much in this crazy scene. For some reason she decides to masturbate with a high-heeled shoe, rubbing the black boot over her hairy bush and penetrating her pussy with the heel. She also caresses her huge natural breasts with the shoe in this two minute scene which finishes with her coming like a train thanks to her footwear. Who needs a dildo when you’re as inventive as Uschi?!

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‘Carried Away’ sex scene – Amy Locane naked

Nubile young blonde Amy is the object of older perv Dennis Hopper’s affections in this movie. Here she exposes her breasts and masturbates for him whilst stood behind a truck on the open road. What a daring gal! And what an awesome body – terrific scene.

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‘Sex and Lucia’ sex scene – Elena Anaya naked

Spanish hottie Elena is watching a porno in her lounge totally nude as she’s convinced she’s alone. We see her breasts, ass and pussy as she plays with her clit and tits, really getting into it before she’s interrupted by a guy walking in on her. How embarrassing!

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