Underbelly sex scene — Natasha Cunningham naked

Sexy Natasha is the best thing about Australian drama series Underbelly and in this scene she shows why. Sitting astride her boyfriend wearing just a tiny black thong, Natasha gives him a sensual massage, rubbing oil into her back and then over her firm naked breasts. Her tits may be fairly small but they’re incredibly pert, just like the rest of her nubile body. As she chats away you won’t hear what she’s saying because you’ll be transfixed by her hot body.

Natasha Cunningham naked in Underbelly

‘The Hard Word’ sex scene — Leanne McCulloch naked

Leanne plays a woman booked in for a massage at the hands of a rather unconventional masseuse. Stripped naked from the waist up and lying face down, Leanne is instructed to roll over — baring her large, fake tits — while the masseuse oils his hands and proceeds to give her a ‘massage’. Although it’s more like a breast squeeze than a massage as all he does is knead her big breasts, groping and fondling them. Not that Leanne minds though, she quite enjoys it actually.

Leanne McCulloch naked in The Hard Word

‘Touch Me’ sex scene — Claudia Karvan naked

Australian actress Claudia Karvan is the recipient of a leztastic sensual massage from the topless Gosia Dobrowolska. Lying face down completely nude, Claudia has her butt smothered in oil and massaged by Gosia, who then runs her horny fingers up and down Claudia’s sexy body as the erotic attraction between the two women is charged up.

Claudia Karvan naked in Touch Me

‘Full Body Massage’ sex scene – Mimi Rogers naked

Oh my. Mimi Rogers spends pretty much the whole movie oiled up and nude on a massage table while Bryan Brown kneads and strokes her bare body, including her huge tits and juicy ass. And he got paid for this?! Mimi looks great for a 39 year old and if you’re into natural, floppy boobs this is the film for you. This is the best scene, where Bryan massages her incredible breasts as she tells him her life story.

Mimi Rogers naked in Full Body Massage

‘Zandalee’ sex scene – Erika Anderson naked

Hot Erika is totally nude showing her pussy and pert breasts before she lies on her front and allows lover Nicolas Cage to give her an oil massage. He puts his hands all over her incredible body and inside her lower orifices before they finish off with a rabid fuck in this erotic scene from the cult 1991 movie.

Erika Anderson naked in Zandalee

‘Velvet Dreams’ sex scene – Kathy Shower naked

80s sex symbol Kathy Shower is completely nude as she lays on a massage table getting a sensual massage from a nubile black girl. Then things turn lesbian as the hot masseuse strips off her uniform revealing her breasts and pussy and has lesbian sex with Kathy in this awesome, long scene.

Kathy Shower naked in Velvet Dreams