Eloise’s Lover sex scene — Ariadna Cabrol naked

Sexy Spanish actress Ariadna stars in this erotic drama from Spain about two hot lesbian lovers and the problems they face trying to maintain their relationship.

Diana Gomez is the other woman and both get naked for a midnight skinny dip in a swimming pool. They float on their backs with their breasts and pussies exposed as the director zooms in on their torsos, showcasing four perfect tits and four very erect nipples.

Then he switches to a shot from below them, allowing us a great look at their asses before they start to fool about, cuddling and kissing with more flashes of bush and butt. This is a very sexy scene featuring two incredibly beautiful women.

Ariadna Cabrol naked in Eloises Lover

BloodRayne sex scene — Natassia Malthe naked

There’s plenty of nudity in BloodRayne: The Third Reich and the best of it comes from gorgeous Natassia.

In this scene she is persuaded by a naked blonde lesbian to have a massage. Blondie slowly removes Natassia’s robe, exposing her heavenly body, and is then instructed to lie on her front so that blondie can sensuously stroke and knead her bare flesh.

Another naked lesbian is looking on and she joins in, rolling Natassia onto her back and kissing her breasts and taut stomach.

All three women look fantastic and blondie’s big tits are spectacular. Trust me, this is an awesome lesbian sex scene.

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Tales from the Crapper sex scene — Julie Strain naked

Who knew a movie entitled Tales from the Crapper would actually be a softcore porn flick? What a strange title! Either way, Playboy star Julie Strain is about the best thing in it and in this xxx scene she and her lesbian lover fool around in the bedroom. Her girlfriend is wearing stockings, suspenders, panties and bra while Julie is completely nude as she receives a sensual massage from her gal pal. Then Jules rolls onto her back and we see her massive fake breasts as she kisses her woman and takes her tits out of her bra, kissing and fondling them. The two sexy ladies then get down to some proper girl on girl lovin’.

Julie Strain naked in Tales From the Crapper

Frida sex scene — Salma Hayek naked

Hot Latina beauty Salma Hayek wowed her fans with this scene in 2002′s biopic Frida. She got completely nude for a lesbian scene in which she and her gal pal fool around in bed and there are some terrific shots of Salma’s curvy body. If you like busty women with some meat on them they don’t come much finer than her and in this scene her big breasts are on show for quite a while as she and her hot girlfriend indulge every guy’s fantasy.

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‘Femme Fatale’ sex scene — Rie Rasmussen naked

Sexy spy Rebecca Romijn Stamos has to seduce glamorous babe Rie Rasmussen in this erotic lesbian scene. Rebecca cuts off her very revealing outfit and massages Rie’s firm round breasts as they enjoy some steamy girl girl fuck action. The sexiest moments are the long, deep kisses between the two knockout beauties, shown in close-up by the pervy director.

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‘Lesbian Fun Shorts’ sex scene — Alexandra Paul naked

Former Baywatch babe Alexandra Paul shows off her small breasts in this bedroom scene as she wakes next to her lesbian girlfriend and initiates some girl on girl sex with her pretty blonde partner. Rubbing her lover’s breasts, they kiss passionately before moving on to more explicit sexual activities.

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