Hardcore sex scene — Fiona Richmond naked

This autobiographical account of British sex symbol Fiona Richmond’s life features lots of nudity as it recounts her early sexual experiences right through to her starring in porno films. The sexy star plays herself in the movie, called Hardcore (1977).

The best scene sees her strip off to reveal her hairy pussy and tits before lying down with a hot air stewardess and having her first lesbian experience.

Fiona Richmond nude in Hardcore

Strangers lesbian scene — Cherie Lunghi naked

English actress Cherie has been nude in quite a few roles, but it’s one of her last onscreen exposures that gave us the best look at her slim, athletic body.

Strangers was a French-Canadian TV series from the 90s and featured a whole lotta nudity from some very hot actresses. Cherie shared a sizzling lesbian sex scene with Veronika Logan which saw both women completely naked, showing bush, breasts and butt as they have fun with each other in bed.

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Butterfly Kiss lesbian scene — Saskia Reeves naked

Amanda Plummer is the lucky lady who climbs on top of Saskia in this hot girl on girl sex scene.

It’s a bit kinky as Amanda is naked but for some chains around her body (not sure why, but then I don’t really care either) and she opens Saskia’s shirt, pushing the material away from her big breasts and sucking them. Saskia giggles shyly before getting into it, kissing Amanda passionately on the mouth as her tits are groped and fondled.

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The Passion of Fashion sex scene — Erika Jordan naked

Hot blonde bombshell Erika has spent the last decade racking up (pun intended) some sensational softcore porn movies as the former Playboy Playmate turned her hand to the silver screen with fantastic results.

Most of her films usually involve some girl-girl fucking, including the Passion of Fashion which featured sexy Shay Laren as her lesbian lover, paving the way for this horny sex scene.

There are breasts, butts and pussies galore as the two naked lesbians sensually make out before groping each others tits and taking it in turns to fuck the other with dildos, their tongues and any other sex toy they can lay their hands on. This is one steamy, sexy scene which you need to see — trust me.

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Sex & Fury lesbian scene — Christina Lindberg naked

Sexy Swedish babe Christina made a host of gratuitous erotic dramas in the 70s that contained little plot and plenty of nudity from the petite beauty.

In this scene from Sex and Fury (1973) she has lesbian sex with a hot Japanese lady while a pervy old man watches them. First the Asian chick takes off her kimono and climbs on top of naked Christina, who is lying back on the bed baring her hairy bush and big breasts, which the Asian babe gropes and sucks while Christina moans in ecstasy.

Then there is plenty of girl on girl kissing before Christina rolls on top of her lady lover and grinds their pussies together, before the old guy decides he can contain himself no longer and the lesbian couple becomes a threesome. What a lucky schmuck!

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Erotique lesbian scene — Priscilla Barnes naked

Sexy Priscilla has done loads of nude scenes in her time, but her best came in 1994′s Erotique when she shared an outstanding lesbian sex scene with the equally hot Camilla Soeberg.

Both are topless in bed and Camilla reaches out to fondle Priscilla’s large breasts as they kiss. Priscilla then demonstrates her naughty side by producing a dildo, but her girlfriend isn’t so keen and instead they go at it without any sex toys. Unfortunately they’re interrupted by another lezzer and their sizzling girl on girl encounter is cut short — boo!

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