A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin nude scene — Florinda Bolkan naked

This Brazilian sexpot was a national treasure in the 70s when she made a few movies with some excellent nude scenes in them.

One of these was A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin (1971) and in a dream sequence she imagines stabbing her naked love rival to death. We see plenty of breasts from the blonde victim, but it’s when Florinda flees the crime that we are treated to a head-on shot of her very hairy bush and little breasts as she is suddenly naked (as happens in dreams sometimes). A cool scene well worth checking out.

Florinda Bolkan naked in A Lizard in a Womans Skin

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers sex scene — Michelle Bauer naked

Former Playboy Playmate Michelle stars in this comedy horror as a prostitute who gets her kicks from murdering her clients with a chainsaw.

In this scene she performs a sexy striptease for a punter who’s lying on a bed watching the show. First Michelle strips off her top to reveal her large breasts which she squeezes and licks so the guy can get even hornier. Then she takes off her skirt and thong so we can see her pussy.

After twirling around so the camera can fixate on her perfect round butt, she instructs the guy to close his eyes while she retrieves something from a cupboard. He does as he’s told, eagerly expecting a sexy nurse’s uniform or something, but when Michelle says “Open your eyes!” he’s greeted by the sight of a chainsaw inches from his dick. Ouch!

Michelle Bauer naked in Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers

‘Halloween’ sex scene – Danielle Harris naked

Topless brunette Danielle Harris screams as her boyfriend is killed by Mike Myers right in front of her in this 2007 remake of the classic slasher film. She tries to run out of the house but Myers pulls her back in and knocks her to the ground. As she lies helpless with her small pert breasts exposed, he finishes her off.

Danielle Harris naked in Halloween

‘My Bloody Valentine’ sex scene – Betsy Rue naked

Gorgeous blonde Betsy Rue is completely nude as she is chased by a serial killer. Her breasts bounce and jiggle as she runs, petrified and screaming, into her motel room where the killer corners and murders her. Such a waste of a hot body, although there are lots of shots of her naked ass and pussy in this great scene.

Betsy Rue naked in My Bloody Valentine

‘Friday the 13th’ sex scene – Juliana Guill naked

The stupendously stacked hottie Julianna Guill is riding her boyfriend loudly and wildly, with her huge tits bouncing all over the place, as her friend is being chased by the murderous Jason. As she tries to attract the attention of the fucking couple from outside their window, Jason grabs and kills her. I don’t blame the guy underneath Julianna for not concentrating on anything but her amazing boobs.

Julianna Guill naked in Friday the 13th