China Moon sex scene — Madeleine Stowe naked

In this scene Madeline and the man wooing her, Ed Harris, are out for a romantic moonlight trip in a rowing boat on a deserted lake.

Sexy brunette Madeline decides to liven the evening up by standing up and peeling off her shirt to reveal her small boobs and then jumping into the water. Even though it must have been freezing, Ed is no fool and takes his clothes off to jump in after her, swimming up to Madeline and embracing her before they enjoy a wet snog.

The scene then cuts to the bedroom and we see more images of Madeline’s tits and ass as Ed gives her a good hard fucking in much warmer, drier conditions.

Madeleine Stowe naked in China Moon

Surviving Picasso nude scene — Natascha McElhone naked

London-born beauty Natascha was only 25 when she made this movie, of which the outstanding scene is this one where she gets fully nude to pose for artist Anthony Hopkins.

The Welsh legend, playing Picasso, tries desperately to concentrate on painting sexy Natascha instead of ogling her, but he bumbles about, quite put off by having a nubile young babe only a few feet away with her big breasts and hairy pussy exposed.

He spends a long time examining her face and her perfect bone structure, which is just madness considering all the good stuff to look at below her neck!

Natascha McElhone naked in Surviving Picasso

The Notorious Bettie Page nude scene — Gretchen Mol naked

The biopic of the 50s most famous pin-up model and glamour girl of her day was bound to feature some nudity and this movie doesn’t disappoint.

Thankfully the producers chose somebody probably even hotter than the Bettie herself in the title role in the shape of Gretchen and she sure looks fine as she recreates many of Bettie’s famous poses and photo shoots. She gets her cute perky breasts out and even flashes her pussy, just like Bettie did to provoke such a storm all those years ago.

Gretchen is a natural blonde so she had to dye her hair and her bush dark to match Bettie’s coloring. It was well worth it — Gretchen’s a knockout as a blonde or a brunette.

Gretchen Mol naked in The Notorious Bettie Page

The Devil’s Advocate sex scene — Charlize Theron naked

The movie that put future Oscar winner Charlize on the map features her fully nude flashing her bush and butt in a church, although unfortunately she has lots of cuts on her body after a bout of self harming.

So for a sexier look at the South African babe’s hot body, there’s this earlier sex scene with hubby Keanu Reeves. As they go at it on the bedroom floor, Keanu whips off his wife’s top to reveal her firm, pert tits which he quickly gets hold of, licking and groping her nipples before pulling off her pants.

As he starts to fuck her she arches her back in ecstasy and he carries on fondling her boobs, but then to his shock she suddenly turns into Connie Neilsen. Quick as a flash it’s Charlize again, but the spooked Keanu has to stop fucking her, withdrawing his dick and leaving Charlize confused and upset. As if anybody would stop fucking as beautiful as her!

Charlize Theron naked in The Devils Advocate

L’ Année des méduses sex scene — Valérie Kaprisky naked

Busty French babe Valerie is perhaps best known to non-European audiences for her sexy role opposite Richard Gere in the erotic drama Breathless (1983).

But she did even better nudity in many movies filmed in her native France, such as this one. Later in the movie she goes topless on the beach and shares a steamy bedroom scene with a young guy, but in this most revealing scene she strips off completely to try and seduce a much older man. For some reason the old bloke needs convincing that having sex with this hot lady would be a good idea, but he eventually comes round to the idea and ends up licking and sucking those lovely breasts before fucking her.

Valerie Kaprisky naked

Barely Legal sex scene — Lisa Younger naked

This silly sex comedy stars a group of gorgeous college girls who decide to lose their virginity (as if such hotties wouldn’t have already popped their cherry).

In this scene Lisa goes to a dude’s bedroom to make out and takes off her top to reveal her pert, small breasts. But when she rips open his shirt she’s put off by the amount of body hair he has (think Chewbacca). Just then her contact falls out and while she’s crawling around on the bed looking for it, the guy’s roommate comes in and pulls down her panties before licking away at her exposed pussy. She is enjoying it too much to object and before long is shrieking in ecstasy, falling back on the bed exhausted and satisfied as the roommate slinks away.

Lisa Younger naked in Barely Legal