Dead Zone sex scene — Roberta Weiss naked

Sexy Roberta only has a minor role in this David Cronenberg thriller as she plays the victim of a serial killer.

In this, her only scene, Roberta is knocked to the ground by the masked killer, who rips open her shirt as she lies unconscious on the floor. Her sheer flesh-colored bra clearly shows the dark nipples beneath but the killer decides he wants a proper look at her breasts so he yanks open the bra, allowing her jiggling tits to bounce into view. He then takes off his mask to get a better look at hot Roberta’s nice rack.

Roberta Weisse naked in Dead Zone

‘Strip Search’ sex scene – Maggie Gyllenhaal naked

Maggie plays an American student in China who’s interrogated by a mean Army official. His methods include forcing her to strip and strip-searching her, so poor Maggie goes through a humiliating ordeal whereby she stands completely nude in front of her captor. Check out her ass, boobs and bush in this long scene.

Maggie Gyllenhaal naked in Strip Search

‘Lost Highway’ sex scene – Patricia Arquette naked

The Arquette sisters, Rosanna and Patricia, have great racks and in this scene mean mob boss Robert Loggia demands to see Patricia’s. So in front of his entourage of bodyguards, she has to step forward, remove her shirt and then her bra so that her gorgeous natural breasts are hanging free for Loggia’s delectation.

Patricia Arquette naked in Lost Highway

‘Opposing Force’ sex scene – Lisa Eichorn naked

Brave Lisa decides to enlist in a crack army unit who are whisked away to a remote island to begin their elite training. On arrival she is forced to strip off her uniform in front of all the other soldiers and be watered down by a guy with a huge hose (not a euphemism, an actual hose!). then she’s sprayed with somne sort of cleansing powder and allowed to dress again. Humiliating stuff, but later in the movie it gets worse when she’s raped by her commanding officer.

Lisa Eichhorn naked in Opposing Force