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Poor Molly has been drugged by some nasty scumbags and carried back to a hotel room in this disturbing scene which nevertheless offers a great look at her naked body.

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Molly Parker naked in Suspicious River

‘Grave Vengeance’ sex scene – Cindy Pena naked

Cindy and her boyfriend are accosted in the woods by a bunch of no-good thugs, who beat him up, strip poor Cindy to her underwear, bend her over a tree trunk and rape her. Be sure to check out her awesome tits as they bounce out of her bra.

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‘The Entity’ sex scene – Barbara Hershey naked

Nobody believes poor Barbara when she claims a horny ghost comes into her bed at night and rapes her. We believe her though because we see the supernatural rape scene, where a full frontal nude Barbara is held down in a spread-eagle position on her back by the invisible rapist and forced to fuck. Check out Hershey’s breasts and bush.

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‘Irreversible’ sex scene – Monica Bellucci naked

This harrowing, graphic rape scene sees a French pimp corner Monica in a subway, pin her to the ground and anally rape her. The forced sex is tough to watch, but there are some nice views of Monica’s breast and ass.

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