The Secret Life of Us sex scene — Abi Tucker naked

Sexy blonde Abi starred in the hit Australian twenty-something drama The Secret Life of Us back in 2001.

She had a few nude scenes in the show, but the best look at her little breasts came when she hopped in the shower with her boyfriend. There’s a great shot of her topless as they start to embrace and have sex under the running water before continuing their amorous adventure once they dry off and are back in their bedroom.

Abi Tucker naked in Secret Life of Us

Californication nude scene — Camilla Luddington naked

Nubile brunette Camilla sizzles up the screen in this scene as, following a shower, she takes off her towel to unveil her perfect little body to her much older boyfriend for the first time. The dude almost cries, so grateful is he to see such a beautiful woman and know he is about to fuck her. The cameraman shows her petite frame and cute breasts before a shot from behind her reveals her juicy butt as the lucky bald guy moves in for a kiss.

Camilla Luddington naked in Californication

An Unforgettable Summer nude scene — Kristin Scott Thomas naked

This is a very long scene from a French movie which shows Kristin and her nudist family relaxing outdoors in their garden on a fine summer’s day. They are all completely nude and we get a great look at slim Kristin’s body when she picks up her young son and takes him for a shower in the outdoor tub. Her small tits and hairy pussy are visible for a long time as she larks about with him, playfully throwing him around while she bathes him and herself. The best look is saved for when she gets out of the wooden bath though.

Kristin Scott Thomas naked in An Unforgettable Summer

‘Flesh + Blood’ sex scene — Jennifer Jason Leigh naked

Jennifer Jason Leigh stars in this explicit medieval drama as a woman kidnapped and raped who eventually falls for the leader of the gang who accosted her. In this scene she slips off her robe and walks completely naked to the tub in which Rutger Hauer is bathing himself. She lowers her sexy, nubile body into the hot water and after a little bit of horseplay with her lover, positions herself on his dick before they have underwater sex.

Jennifer Jason Leigh naked in Flesh and Blood

‘Unfaithful’ sex scene – Diane Lane naked

Legendary hottie Diane Lane showed she still had a fantastic body at the age of 37 when she stripped off for a bath scene. First she soaps her big breasts, enjoying the luxury of a relaxing bath before hubby Richard Gere joins her. He starts making amorous advances but she’s having one of it and gets out, showing her curvy ass as she puts on a robe and leaves poor Richard horny and frustrated.

Diane Lane naked in Unfaithful

‘The Dreamers’ sex scene – Eva Green naked

In the process of climbing into the bath, Eva shows her ass, bush and huge tits before reclining and chatting away happily to the two guys who were already in there. As she smokes a massive joint and washes her awesome body, her breasts float playfully on the surface, much to the delight of her two lovers.

Eva Green naked in The Dreamers