Elizabeth Cervantes naked

Busty Latino beauty Elizabeth Cervantes stars in the Mexican movie Oscura Seduccion (2010) and dominates proceedings with her frequent and very welcome nudity.

In this scene she enjoys a naughty shower with her lover, who fucks her from behind under the running water while grabbing himself a handful of her fleshy breasts.

Elizabeth Cervantes naked

Lavie en miettes nude scene — Marie Denarnaud naked

Alluring beauty Marie has to undress for quite a few scene in this French thriller, but the best look at her body comes in this scene.

After running a bath for herself and throwing in some salts she gets in and relaxes as the director shows us her breasts bobbing above the milky water. Her gal pal comes in to talk to her and they share a glass of wine, but then disaster strikes later when she’s alone as an unknown man enters the bathroom and throws a hairdryer into the water, killing poor Marie. There’s still a nice shot of her boobs as she lays dead though if that’s your thing.

Marie Denarnaud naked in Lavie en miettes

The Hidden Face nude scene — Martina García naked

Slim Colombian beauty Martina has been naked in many of her movie roles so far in her short but promising career. The best look at this sexy brunette’s waif-like body came in this thriller though.

She has a couple of sex scenes, but for a clear, well-lit look at her fully nude this bath scene is the winner. There’s a terrific overhead shot of her shaved pussy through the clear water as she relaxes in the hot water and the camera pans in to her small, tiny tits as well.

She is dozing off (shouldn’t do that in the tub silly girl!) when she’s woken with a start as there are tiny ripples in the water around her. She looks puzzled as there are no drips from the faucet and she’s perfectly still, and she jumps out of the bath in a fright, convinced the house is haunted, which gives us another good view of her wet body as she wraps a towel around her.

Martina Garcia naked in The Hidden Face

The Slap nude scene — Melissa George naked

Hot Australian actress Melissa bares lots of her fine body in this TV drama series from down under.

Her best scene comes as she luxuriates in the bath, gently brushing the water over her breasts and even pinching her nipples as the camera zooms in for a close up, voyeuristically fixating on her tits and nips.

Then hubby enters and she hauls her hot body out of the tub, wrapping a towel around her lower half. She embraces him and he cheekily bends down to suck her nipple, causing her to giggle and brush him off. There are further fantastic looks at her sexy boobs in the mirror when she combs her wet hair.

Melissa George naked in The Slap

The Borgias nude scene — Melia Kreiling naked

Dirty old man Jeremy Irons is the lucky actor who gets to wash sexy Melia’s breasts as she sits topless in the bath. Reaching around from behind her, he sponges her firm, nubile skin, paying particular attention to her tits as they chat. Then Jeremy’s wife approaches and the startled old coot makes Melia get out and hide, which gives us a chance to see her ass as she hurriedly wraps a towel around her hot body.

Melia Kreiling naked in The Borgias

Mirrors 2 nude scene — Christy Carlson Romano naked

This mediocre horror movie has one saving grace — Christy. The slim, leggy brunette shed the goody-goody tag she inherited whilst a child star with Disney by doing this gratuitously long shower scene.

First, she stands in front of a mirror and sensuously slips her robe off her shoulders, allowing her fake, impossibly-pert breasts to come into view. then the camera pans down her body as she walks towards the cubicle, showing her ass. Once the water is running, Christy lathers her tits and rubs her sexy body as the camera zooms in like a pervy old man.

Christy Carlson Romano naked in Mirrors 2