The Devil’s Advocate sex scene — Connie Nielsen naked

Keanu Reeves fucks fake boobed Connie Neilsen in this fiery sex scene under the watchful eye of Al Pacino.

Connie’s big plastic tits steal the scene as she writhes about the floor naked while her ridiculously firm breasts don’t budge an inch. Keanu isn’t put off by her unnatural implants though and chomps hungrily on a nipple before they go at it in front of a roaring fire.

Connie Nielsen naked in Devils Advocate

Elizabeth Cervantes naked

Busty Latino beauty Elizabeth Cervantes stars in the Mexican movie Oscura Seduccion (2010) and dominates proceedings with her frequent and very welcome nudity.

In this scene she enjoys a naughty shower with her lover, who fucks her from behind under the running water while grabbing himself a handful of her fleshy breasts.

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Alexander sex scene — Rosario Dawson naked

Hot black woman Rosario unveiled her massive tits for this rough sex scene with Colin Farrell in the big budget period piece Alexander (2004).

Playing a slave girl, she initially resists when Colin tries it on but soon falls for his rugged charms as he practically forces himself on her and ends up responding favorably as they fuck wildly. If you like your celebrity nudity with a bit of bite, this site has pics and videos of actresses forced to strip off in films and is highly recommended.

Rosario Dawson naked in Alexander

Sin City nude scene — Carla Gugino naked

Busty beauty Carla Gugino showed off her big breasts in this cult movie when she casually walked around her apartment topless in front of lucky co-star Mickey Rourke.

It may have been shot in black and white, but those tits look great in any color and this scene is one to savor for fans of pretty girls with huge boobs.

Carla Gugino naked in Sin City

Suspicious River rape scene — Molly Parker naked

Poor Molly has been drugged by some nasty scumbags and carried back to a hotel room in this disturbing scene which nevertheless offers a great look at her naked body.

She is stripped completely nude and placed on her back on the bed. Thereafter the guys take it in turn to gang rape her, rubbing her breasts and spreading her legs as they fuck her motionless body in turn before leaving her to wake up later all alone and wonder what the hell happened last night.

There are great looks at her pussy and small, pale breasts throughout her assault.

Molly Parker naked in Suspicious River

The Night Stalker nude scene — Tally Chanel naked

Israel’s hottest ever export (apart from maybe Natalie Portman) steals the show of this terrible 80s slasher flick when she unveils her big breasts for the camera.

Having been captured by a perverted serial killer and tied naked to his bed, Tally’s pussy and breasts are exposed as she lies drugged, unconscious and at the mercy of her captor. Luckily a cop has tracked down the killer and silently enters the room, but unluckily he is overpowered by the killer and thrown out of a window to his death.

A similar fate will later befall the beautiful Tally, so enjoy the sight of her tits and bush in this scene.

Tally Chanel naked in Night Stalker